7 Tips for Driving In Construction Zones

Construction is common along South Carolina streets, with countless projects to improve Horry County roads occurring right now. While these projects are designed to make roadways safer, construction zones can become accident scenes when irresponsible drivers enter the mix.

To prevent a car accident in a construction zone, the attorneys at David Taylor Law have compiled these helpful driving safety tips.

Check Your Route Before You Leave.

Local news will often inform you of construction or traffic, as will GPS-enabled apps. If you spot a slow-down, leave early to ensure you have plenty of time to reach your destination. Delays are much more bearable when you expect – and plan for – them.

Slow Down.

With motor vehicles changing lanes and construction crews working on the side of the road, be sure to reduce your speed. If you need to stop suddenly, it is much easier to avoid an accident if you are traveling at the posted speed.

Obey Road Signs and Merge Carefully.

Warning signs will alert you to changing traffic patterns, such as lane closures ahead. Be sure to obey all posted signs, as well as construction crew flaggers or South Carolina Highway Patrol officers directing traffic. Merge slowly, always using your turn signal to indicate to other drivers that you intend to enter their lane.

Watch For Workers.

Construction workers, as well as the heavy machinery they are operating, will likely be very close to your vehicle. Drive defensively to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Unfortunately, construction zone accidents occur simply because drivers are not paying attention.

Avoid Distractions.

Focus your full attention on the road and be sure to avoid distractions, such as cell phones. With construction workers so close to your moving vehicle, taking your eyes off the road for just one moment to glance at your cell phone could result in a fatal accident.

Do Not Follow Too Closely.

It can be tempting to tailgate when traffic is crawling along, but remember, just one unexpected stop can cause you to rear-end the motor vehicle in front of you. It is best to maintain a safe distance.

Stay On Guard Until You’ve Left The Work Zone.

Maintain a reduced speed until you see a road sign that tells you otherwise. Once you have left the construction site, return to a normal speed.

Your Grand Strand Accident Attorneys

If you have been involved in a North Myrtle Beach car accident, David Taylor Law is here to help. We will work to ensure the responsible party is held liable, and to secure the benefits you are entitled to. Whether the construction company or another driver is to blame, trust our team to advocate for you.

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