When to Hire a Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may be left wondering what to do next. Whether you’re recovering at home or in a hospital bed, you likely feel overwhelmed by the days ahead.

What are your employee rights? Are you entitled to compensation for a work-related injury? How will you take care of your family if your health issues force you to stay at home from work?

Here at David Taylor Law, our Workers’ Comp lawyers can help. Our team understands the intricacies to employment law as well as the federal and state statutes in place to protect injured workers.

We will work to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need and the Workers’ Compensation benefits you’re entitled to. If you’ve been hurt at work, trust a team with experience filing Workers’ Compensation claims – and getting the results our clients deserve.


What to Do If You’ve Been Injured on the Job

If you’ve been hurt at work or experienced a work-related sickness, keep these instructions in mind:

  1. Report your injury or illness to your employer immediately. Injured workers technically have 90 days to notify their employer, but it’s best to do this as soon as possible to protect co-workers from unsafe conditions.
  2. Take photos of your injury and the accident scene, including faulty equipment or dangerous working conditions. Documentation may be important to your Workers’ Compensation claim.
  3. Find out which doctors are approved by your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance and receive the medical treatment you need.
  4. Be sure to retain any medical documentation, and if future care is needed for ongoing health issues, make sure your doctor details this in your records. This includes physical/occupational therapy as well as recommended sick leave or orders to work from home.
  5. Follow up to ensure your employer has filed the Workers’ Compensation claim properly.

The Workers’ Compensation lawyers at David Taylor Law will guide you through the process, from ensuring you receive the necessary medical treatment to securing the Workers’ Compensation benefits that will cover the bill.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law, injured workers are entitled to:

  • Reimbursement for medical treatment costs
  • Lost wages
  • Total or partial disability benefits (when applicable)
  • Compensation for ongoing treatment (if necessary)

It’s especially important to hire an experienced Workers Comp attorney if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios after an injury or illness at work:

  • Your employer denies your claim
  • The settlement doesn’t cover the cost of medical treatment or lost wages
  • Your boss treats you unfairly after filing a Workers’ Compensation claim
  • Your health issues or chronic illness keeps you from resuming normal work activities
  • Your work-related injury requires surgery
  • Your injuries are severe enough to potentially file for disability benefits

Some employers may deny that your injury happened on the clock. Or that your work-related sickness is a result of working conditions. Others may bully you to avoid filing a claim with their Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Any form of retaliation is prohibited by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but if you don’t know your employee rights, you may settle for less than you deserve. That’s why it’s crucial to have trusted Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation lawyers on your side.

David Taylor Law will also ensure proper documentation every step of the way. This will come in handy if you require more medical treatment or need to show documentation of your Workers’ Compensation claim as a job applicant in the future.


Justice for Injured Workers

If you’ve been hurt at work or have developed a work-related sickness, call David Taylor Law today. Our team of Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help get the compensation you deserve, offering compassion and support as you start down the road to recovery.

David Taylor Law is dedicated to standing up for injured workers – and our Workers Comp lawyers are ready to serve you. To schedule your free consultation, get in touch today!