Your house or condominium is not only your greatest investment, but the place that you call home. The place where you raise your family. The place where you make memories. So when poor construction in the Myrtle Beach area interrupts family life and requires costly repairs, you need an attorney with specific experience handling construction defects. You need David Taylor Law.

In fact, poor construction can lead to a number of problems, from roof leaks and buckling floors to inadequate drainage and electrical issues. And these are just to name a few! The list of construction defects that can impact homeowners is lengthy and the headaches they cause can seem never-ending as well.

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If you've experienced issues due to construction defects at your home, condominium or business in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, David Taylor Law will work hard to hold builders accountable for their negligence and substandard work. Our construction defect attorneys are specially equipped to handle this kind of case, so let us put our experience to work for you! For help in the Myrtle Beach, Conway or Florence areas, contact David Taylor Law today to schedule your free consultation.

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