Hateful speech and false claims can ruin a person's reputation, sometimes wounding worse than a personal injury. A simple rumor is one thing, but a vicious attack on your character is another. It can impact your career, your family – and of course, your future. If you've experienced a character assassination that harmed your reputation, you may be eligible for general damages. But filing a defamation suit in South Carolina and attempting to navigate the legal system alone isn't wise.

Because state laws vary and can be tricky to understand, it's important to entrust your case to an experienced attorney like the ones you'll find at David Taylor Law. With your best interests at heart and your future as our focus, our defamation of character lawyers will work hard to protect your rights and see justice done.

What Is a Defamation Lawsuit?

It’s important to first understand what constitutes defamation. "Defamation of character" is a broad term that includes intentional damage to someone's reputation, including both libel (written defamation) and slander (spoken defamation).

For defamation lawsuits in SC, you must prove that the statement was:

  • Published: Must have been heard or seen by a third party
  • False: Must be an objectively false statement
  • Harmful: Damages must be proven, except in cases where content is so blatantly defamatory that it is considered “actionable per se”
  • Unprivileged: Does not apply to court testimony or other “privileged” situations

Because Americans are encouraged to speak out about the public figures that lead our government and impact our daily lives, those in the public eye must also prove “actual malice” in order to file a legitimate defamation claim. The Supreme Court defines “actual malice” as a false statement that was made to intentionally harm the public figure.

Defenses to defamation include the following:

  • The statement was true or merely an opinion
  • Consent of publication was granted
  • Absolute or qualified privilege provides immunity
  • The defamatory statement was retracted

Online Defamation Suits

The internet makes it easy to spread defamatory content, with countless offenders finding solace behind a computer screen. From social media to online product reviews, Americans don’t hesitate to share their opinions – which only becomes a problem when the content they post is both false and harmful.

Online defamation laws, however, hold these people accountable for their actions. If you’ve experienced internet defamation in South Carolina, trust David Taylor Law to defend your rights.

Workplace Defamation Suits

Defamation of character can also happen on the job. Perhaps a co-worker made false statements that harmed your reputation, or maybe animosity between you and your boss led to hurtful slander – or worse, the unfair loss of your job. If you’ve experienced defamation in the workplace, David Taylor Law can help.

How to File for a Defamation Lawsuit in South Carolina

Separating fact from fiction is a difficult task, which is why it’s best left to experienced defamation attorneys. Trust David Taylor Law to find the absolute defense, which determines what is a statement of fact and what is a lie.

Our team will work hard to prove that the statements made against you were indeed defamatory – and to restore your hard-earned reputation.

Defending Your Reputation and Your Rights

If you’ve been a victim of defamation, count on David Taylor Law to pursue the damages you deserve. Our South Carolina defamation of character lawyers are proud to advocate for our friends and neighbors, starting with a free consultation. Call today to schedule yours!

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